Mental Health Alchemy: Transforming our mental and emotional anguish into spiritual gold

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead

To change the world sounds like a daunting task. After all, the names associated with this accomplishment often rank among the Who’s Who in world affairs and religion. The truth is it definitely takes discipline and practice, but there are lots of ordinary people who are changing the world on a daily basis in the quiet sanctuary of their hearts and minds. These people, for the most part, will never be acknowledged or suspected by the powers-that-be to be anyone of importance or influence. However, these people, whom I refer to as mental health alchemists, are not only important but they are extremely influential on everyone around them. They lead by example and change the vibration of the reality that surrounds them simply by being present in their truth.

Mental alchemy is the process of changing your mind in order to alter your reality. Because our beliefs are primarily ruled by the subconscious, the transmutation of  our thoughts can drastically expand consciousness and help to facilitate good mental health and the manifestation of a peaceful world. How we interpret and, more importantly, what we continually think about the experiences and challenges we meet in life, will determine our belief systems and, therefore, the outcomes we see as a result. So, we really only have one of two choices: victimization or self-empowerment.

The mental health alchemist chooses self-empowerment through personal responsibility. It is the only path to peace and happiness. Regardless of what appears to be happening “to” us, on a spiritual level, the alchemist knows the creation has been his and his alone for the advancement of the soul. It is required he take responsibility for his creations in order to have any control over the outcomes. Otherwise, his life is a self-imposed prophecy of fate–not faith–because as victims we are powerless!

How do we accomplish this transformation in situations that appear to be so egregious in nature that we would never consciously choose to create them in our experience? Things such as rape, death or suicide of a loved one, or a betrayal of the heart…? We take our power back by refusing to allow the alleged perpetrator to be responsible for the experience and our interpretation of it!

When something is done “to” me it takes away the crucial alchemical element of being my choice. When I view a circumstance as my own creation, then I can remove myself from the vibration of victim-hood and effect change on my thoughts and emotions around it by asking my spirit a couple of basic questions. Such as, “How/why did I create this experience?” And, “What am I supposed to learn?”

Sometimes the awareness of the answer comes in immediately. Other times, this process must be repeated again and again in order to quell the mental/emotional reaction/rage to the pain before the spiritual lessons and nuggets of gold are finally revealed.

I am privileged to have met a number of mental health alchemists on my path. I created a network of these transformative beings in my life for support in my own personal transformation. Many have been my mentors, role models, and heart-based friends. Together we have walked through the fires of mental, physical and emotional hell to come out the other side stronger, more aware, and compassionate human beings.

My teachers of mental alchemy helped me to identify where my choices created outcomes that I did not want and then encouraged me to choose again. They provided me with tools to successfully mine the spiritual gold contained in all of my life’s experiences. In the case of every mental health alchemist I know, out of each pile of ashes has arisen a beautiful, self-empowered Phoenix, who walks the path of the wounded healer with grace and humility. Together we are changing the world, one heart and mind at a time, by creating a new reality built and sustained with love.

Won’t you join us?