Donations – Thank you all for your continued support

Who am I?

I am not only a survivor, I am a thriver! I have spent the last 12 years and all of my life’s savings “blowing the whistle” on Big Pharma, and in educating the public to protect our families and children. Now, I am helping others reclaim their power and health as a Certified Health Coach.

My knowledge of pharmacology, orthomolecular medicine, supplementation, nutrition and alternative healing modalities, gives me a diverse number of tools to assist people in re-framing their life experience and healing their bodies and emotional wounds.

What have I done?

Please Google Gwen Olsen or browse this website. My body of work speaks for itself.

What I have not done is to monetize my website with advertising, as I didn’t want Pharma ads to be placed there. I have not sold products other than my paperback books, because I didn’t want to be perceived as having conflicts of interest. I have not charged for the thousands of hours of time dedicated to media interviews, 11 documentaries that I appear in, testifying before the FDA, lobbying Congress, social media correspondence and email to educate others. Nor have I ever done any other fundraising for my own work, having spent my own personal resources for every expenditure up to this point.

What will I do with the funds raised here?

1. Because I am repeatedly hacked and attacked electronically, I need updated and improved electronic equipment and software.

2. I will revamp and update my website and retain the ongoing services of a webmaster to protect it.

3. Establish a non-profit organization so that future donations can be tax exempt for the donor, and so I can attend important conferences and events where my expenses are not covered by a sponsor. I also want to provide scholarships for coaching and retreat services to people who cannot afford them.

4. Because my book was last updated in 2009, I will update and re-publish Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher with current data and events.

5. I will translate and self-publish Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher into Spanish because of the number of Spanish speakers and current demand.

6. I will have Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher put on audio CD.

7. I want to produce uncensored podcasts where I can give other experts, authors and survivors a platform to share good information with subscribers.

8. I will promote my Health Coaching services and retreats.

What will you get for donating?



Donations of $20 – $100
will receive an e-book of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher and a special, discounted fee for a one-hour coaching session.

Donations of $101 – $300
will receive all of the above plus an autographed printed copy of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher.

Donations of $301 – $500
will receive all of the above plus a DVD of the documentary Prescription Thugs.

Donations of $501+
will receive all of the above plus 2 one-hour coaching sessions (valued at $250) via phone or Skype.

My sincere, heartfelt gratitude for your support and donation!

I very much appreciate your support so that I may continue this important work for the benefit of us all.