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Gwen Olsen guest appearance on CBS Evening News. Gwen is interviewed by CBS News correspondent Byron Pitts on the excessive psychotropic drugging of children in the Texas foster care. Gwen’s Interview w/CBS Evening News More CBS News coverage here at CBS News Online:


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Gwen Olsen & Doctor Oz Before the Show:


Gwen Olsen (10/23/06)
Mon, 23 Oct 2006 13:40:15 -14400
Keith and Gail interview Gwen Olsen, author of “Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher,” about her knowledge of prescription drugs. Her website is
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Bruce Maiman –  Hour 1
Bruce kicks off the show tonight with a familiar guest, Gwen Olsen, who has been on the show via telephone two times before. Gwen used to be a drug sales rep and is author of, “Confessions of An RX Drug Pusher – God’s Call to Loving Arms”.

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 Bruce Maiman –  Segment 1
Bruce has guests Gwen Olsen author of “Confessions of an RxDrug Pusher” and Kelly Patricia O’Meara  on to discuss the issue of pharmaceuticals being solicited to doctors.

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 Bruce Maiman –  Segment 2
Bruce Maiman guest Gwen Olsen continues to answer calls concerning pharmaceuticals.

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  • Gwen Olsen interview on The Green tea with Merrilee Show
  • and Gwen Olsen interviews on Blog Talk Radio
  • Gwen Olsen appearance with Genita Petralli on Alternative Mainstream Radio including appearances by Dr. Lee Sheldon and Dr. Sal Martingano
  •  Gwen Olsen interview with Bruce Maiman on KFBK Talk Radio in Sacramento
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  • Multiple radio interviews with Chuck Harder For The People
  • Interview on Holistic Moms Talk Radio
  • Special Guest on What’s Ailing America? with Dr. Carley “Gwen Olsen is to Big Pharma what Dr. Carley is to the Medical Mafia”
  • Interview on Healing the Earth Radio
  • Guest interview on Take Back America with Bruce Wiseman
  • Call in guest on the Maria Heller Show
  • Guest appearance on One Minute Wellness with Dr. Foster Cullum at WIOJ.NET
  • Guest on The Martie Whittekin Show — Healthy by Nature
  • Guest on “Let’s Get Healthy” with Bill Swail of People’s Pharmacy on Austin’s Talk Radio 1370 AM in Austin, TX
  • Call in guest on the “Good News Health”radio show with Bill Swail, R.Ph
  • Guest appearance on “Deadline Live” with Jack Blood on Radio Free Austin 100.1 FM
  • Interview with Dr. B.J. Hardick on Grace FM Radio
  • Call in guest on CHVN 95.1 FMin Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Call in guest on “Straight Talk with Bill Paul”Canada’s Fanshawe College radio 106.9–the X FM
  • Guest on “Final Edition” with Gary Zidek on WDCD Radio Chicago
  • Call in guest on the “Body By God” Radio Show, hosted by Dr. Dan Yachter, on WTLN 950 AM Central Florida
  • Guest appearance on “Positively Incorrect!” with Scott Cluthe on Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Guest appearance on The Scott Cluthe Show on Evolution Radio
  • Radio interview with WGEM in Quincy, IL
  • Radio interview with KMJ in Fresno, CA
  • Radio interview with KMOX in St. Louis, MO
  • Radio interview with Watchdog Radio in Los Angeles, CA
  • Web/podcast interview with
  • Radio interview with WVOL in Nashville, TN
  • Radio interview with WBT in Charlotte, NC
  • Radio interview with KMA in Shenandoah, IA
  • Radio interview with CRNin Sunland, CA
  • Radio interview with WTAQ in Suamico, WI
  • Radio Interview with Mancow Muller in Chicago, IL
  • Radio interview with KARN in Little Rock, AR
  • Radio interview with KONP in Port Angeles, WA
  • Radio interview with WMKV in Cincinnati, OH
  • Radio interview with WLRN in Miami, FL
  • Radio interview with WFHG in Bristol, VA