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Here’s a list of “Must Watch” Videos

Gwen’s Mission

Jeff Hay’s documentary trailer for Bought

Gwen’s interview with PsycheTruth: Drugging Our Children

Ross McKenzie’s documentary trailer for Bipolarized

Jeff Hay’s documentary trailer for Doctored

Death by Medicine – Gary Null documentary

Gwen speaking at a Wealthmaster’s conference in Las Vegas

Gwen speaking for the Texas Pharmacy Association in Austin

Gwen speaking for a Wealthmaster’s conference in Boca Raton

Gwen speaks out on Psychetruth in 2006

Gwen addresses the public on YouTube

Marketing of Madness documentary

Prescription Suicide documentary trailer

CCHR’s Making a Killing documentary

Kevin Miller’s Generation Rx documentary extended trailer

Press TV’s Big Pharma: Getting high on big profits