The debate is heating up about how badly we have been deceived regarding vaccines and other pharmaceuticals such as antidepressants, benzodiazepines, statin drugs, opiod painkillers and chemotherapy. Every day I see more articles and videos scrambling to explain away the inconvenient truths that are slowly seeping into mainstream consciousness.

One recent AARP article declared that Baby Boomers are defying medical directives and refusing to get their shots and take their medication, further lamenting that the cost to society via the healthcare system will be astronomical. Oh my! Will anarchy ensue because Grandma won’t swallow her bitter pills? Or, could the real concern of the medical mafia be that the Baby Boomer generation is the last to critically think for themselves, and not wince at the thought of questioning authority?

The logic and numbers don’t add up, people. The data doesn’t support the advertising. The dead bodies of friends, family and acquaintances keep piling up! Are we the only ones who regularly take notice, or use our experiential knowledge to question what’s happening with deductive reasoning? It will be the “walking wounded” that bankrupt the country–the hundreds of thousands disabled by drugs and addiction–who will crash the system, NOT the defiant, unvaccinated Baby Boomers!

Authority figures cajole us into submission. News pundits shame us into silence. Online trolls harass and annoy us. Neighbors imply we are “crazy conspiracy theorists.” But the truth is, WE ARE ON TO SOMETHING. We have lived long enough now to know that things didn’t use to be this way; especially those of us who have a history in health care.

We still remember when flu shots weren’t recommended for pregnant women and children because of the associated risks. In fact, they were discouraged! We grew up when parents were instructed that part of developing a healthy immune system meant being exposed to childhood illnesses, such a measles, chicken pox and seasonal flu strains. We only got 3 vaccinations as children–not 69!

We remember the direct-to-consumer advertising of cigarettes and alcohol on TV, endorsed by doctors, just like drugs are today. And, we have witnessed the fall out from lifetimes of cigarette smoking and heavy drinking ever since. We were there in the early 70’s when the War on Drugs was launched to teach us the evils of marijuana use. But we have yet to bury even one of our friends or icons, who has died directly from using pot. We cannot say the same for prescription drugs!

Two recently released, CDC-sponsored studies found evidence that vaccinated children have more health problems than unvaccinated children. Moreover, among unvaccinated premature infants, no link to neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) was found. However, a significant link between vaccinations and NDD was detected, regardless of whether the child was premature or full-term. Also, the combination of preterm birth with vaccination was associated with a 660 percent increased odds of NDD, suggesting a synergistic effect. But in the same breath of reporting this news, some medical correspondent cow tow’s to Pharma’s meme stating, “there is no causal effect”. Are you kidding me? How can anyone dismiss this data, even if there is only a minute chance that it has potentially uncovered something important? I assume they weren’t concerned either when the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, admitted that researchers had omitted data from publication suggesting that African American males given the MMR vaccine before 36 months, were at an increased risk of developing autism. No causal effect…How smug!

Then, there are the psychiatric drugging statistics. I won’t even mention the numbers in the general population. Let’s just talk about kids. Over one million children in the U.S., under the age of six, are on mind-altering psychiatric drugs. Incredibly, over 250,000 of these kids aren’t even one year old. The most popular psych meds are anti-anxiety agents such as Xanax, Valium and Ativan. Over 227,100 babies, and nearly 248,00 toddlers aged 4-5, take these toxic, addictive anxiolytics. If you are not outraged, then you aren’t paying attention! Psychiatric drugs are linked to suicide, mania, psychosis, homicidal ideation, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and sudden death. Still, the numbers keep rising year-to-year of both users and victims.

The number one cause of accidental death, in the U.S., is now overdose. Opiod addiction is at an all time high. There is even a re-surgence of heroin use, more problematic than at any point in history. Why? Because people who get addicted to prescription painkillers are left to find new sources and cheaper products, when their “white coat dealers” stop supplying their needs.

If I sound jaded and perturbed, you’re damn right I am. In fact, I’m feeling quite “compissionate” (compassionate and pissed off) today that parents aren’t making it their priority to protect their children from these profiteering corporations! I should be preparing to retire and spend my days putzing around in the garden and walking my dogs. I shouldn’t have to spend countless hours on social media and email trying to support thousands of people with shattered lives, who have bought into this blatant deception. I shouldn’t have to traverse the globe to address audiences via media, in the hope that someone who needs the information will hear me on TV or radio. I shouldn’t have to try to convince people they have been lied to, only to be attacked by intellectual zombies, who literally regurgitate paid programming, rather than facts uncovered by their own due diligence!

I can clearly see the writing on the wall. This is all coming to a head soon. Talk of mandatory vaccinations, in both adults and children, is on the table. Technology that tracks prescription drug use, in the body, will be used to determine patient compliance. Will you be the voice in the wilderness that calls out to reason? Or, will you be one of the minions of deceit, afraid to rock the boat and make waves that might contradict your superior’s narrative? Either way, you will not be watching from the sidelines for long. If you don’t speak up and educate yourself, and as many other people as you possibly can, soon you will lose the ability to make any healthcare choices at all! Remember, it isn’t a crime to think for yourself, at least, not yet.



AARP Publication, August-September, 2017, Boomers Skipping Vaccinations

Joe Mercola M.D.

Mike Adams,

Health Impact News