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What is a Health Coach?

As a Certified Health Coach, I am a supportive mentor who motivates people to make positive health choices. With a background in pharmacology, education in herbology and nutrition, as well as experience in orthomolecular medicine, I have a diverse knowledge base from which to assist clients in making good health decisions.

I am NOT a doctor, nutritionist, psychologist or counselor. I cannot legally diagnose or treat any disease or illness.

Knowledge is power.

I strive to make others feel self-empowered through education and personal experience. I partner with my clients to assist them in giving their “informed consent” for medical treatments recommended by licensed medical providers. The ultimate goal of my coaching sessions is to help clients achieve improved physical health and mental well-being with simple, basic lifestyle and behavior changes.

Be your own health advocate!

I encourage clients to be their own health advocate, and to be proactive with medical authorities when serving as a caretaker for children and the elderly. With a little instruction and your own due diligence, you can become your own health expert.

Baby Boomers CAN age with grace.Simple changes to nutrition and physical activity can slow the aging process and ensure you stay vibrant, healthy and feeling young, well into your 70’s and beyond! Or, you can take your bad habits to the grave, literally, which almost guarantees you will become obese, diabetic, in chronic pain, or exhausted from lack of sleep like most aging, baby boomers.Just Say KNOW to Drugs!

Drugs are a major contributor to our culture’s aging and healthcare crises. Drug overdoses are the #1 reason for accidental death in the U.S. Addiction to psychiatric drugs and abuse of opioid painkillers is at an all time high! Scores of people are now completely disabled because of chronic use and adverse events with prescription pharmaceuticals.

My fifteen year tenure as a Pharma rep gives me special insight to the marketing agendas versus scientific truth regarding the benefit and efficacy of a large variety of drug treatments. And, if I am not familiar with a particular drug or category, I know how to skillfully research, review and interpret clinical data and drug studies.

Services and Coaching Fees

I provide coaching sessions via Skype or phone at $125 an hour for an initial consultation/evaluation, and $75 an hour thereafter. Or, following your initial consult, you may purchase a package of 3-1 hour sessions in advance for $200. Additionally, research may be billed at $75 an hour. All payments are made via PayPal or by direct bank deposit.

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Let’s heal the world by healing ourselves!

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    Gwen Olsen is my go-to person for all medical questions. She has educated my daughter and I on all sorts of ailments ranging from skin conditions to respiratory infections. She is able to quickly identify the root issue of our health issues and instructs us on the best way to use natural remedies and household items to address them. She strives to provide a natural remedy but knows when western medicine is needed and advises (see your doctor) accordingly. She is a great person and health coach and I highly recommend her!

    – Megan. S , Texas

    From a vast repertoire of both her professional & life ‘toolbag’, Gwen offers a credible, scientific-based, and holistic approach towards my desire to claim radical self-responsibility for my life. In addition to researching my health dilemmas, she also provides a sensible, straight-up, and intuitive approach that resonates with me. Her one-stop shop is pretty all-inclusive, if you’re willing to delve into the endless source within and do the work that’s necessary for getting what you want. Gwen is deeply compassionate about the cause and those adversely impacted by modern medicine. But, thankfully, victim consciousness will not be nurtured here, which is EXACTLY what I was seeking for my journey.

    ~ Michele K., Minnesota USA

    I was prescribed Xanax 23 years ago when my husband was dying of cancer. Being convinced by my Dr. and the medical profession that it was not addicting, I saw no harm in staying on it all these years for sleep issues. I began having tolerance symptoms in early 2016, spent a lot of time on the Internet trying to figure out what was going on with my body and concluded my little miracle pill was turning against me and that I had to get off it or it would kill me. I spent innumerable hours on the Internet strategizing my course of action…numerous forums on tapering and how to get through recovery. Nothing felt comfortable or a “real fit” for me until I found Gwen. I felt like she was my gift from God to get me through this endeavor successfully.

    Gwen has coached me for 6 months and I am now going through withdrawal. Without her immeasurable knowledge, support and compassion I know this journey would have been immensely more difficult. Don’t believe everything you read on the forums… it can be scary! Get just the information you need from a very reliable source such as Gwen. There is hope for full recovery and a much improved life going forward! You deserve the best chance for recovery you can get. In my opinion, Gwen is, bar none, the Best. I am grateful I found her and look forward to her continued guidance and support through my months of recovery to a new and much improved life. Many heartfelt thanks Gwen!!

    ~ Kathy D., Nashville

    I discovered Gwen through my personal research on SSRI’s and SNRI’s, while trying to navigate treatment for a health condition that our medical system frequently likes to “treat” with these drugs.

    Troubled by what I was finding (in many articles and books available, including Gwen’s), coupled by my own horrible adverse reaction to the limited exposure I had to these drugs, I contacted Gwen for more information about some of the mysteries that remained for me.

    Following this first conversation, which in itself was extremely enlightening, I arranged for numerous subsequent discussions where coaching and motivation have taken place and which have been very, very valuable to me. Gwen has been a beacon in a very difficult, often quite lonely and very frustrating journey from illness to recovery. Though I am still on that journey, I can honestly say that Gwen’s role in it makes me feel more understood, empowered, hopeful and purposeful.

    Gwen offers 100% of herself, listens attentively and always offers insight that is not only uplifting, but because of it’s practical usefulness, invaluably helpful too. My experience with Gwen has been very positive, and I can’t imagine my circle of experts, as part of the treatment of my condition, without her in it.

    ~ Kim T., Toronto

    I’ve been doing Skype coaching sessions with Gwen for some months now. It’s true to say that the road to recovery is the loneliest road imaginable. The challenges we face are outwith the normal parameters of a regular existence, so its very important to be able to relate our experience to someone in complete confidence, and in the knowledge that the person hearing it can relate to that experience as a sufferer as well as a survivor. Gwen’s unique perspective as an ex-Pharma rep, sufferer and ultimately a survivor, means that her compassion and insights help light the path that would otherwise be a chaotic wilderness… I could find no better person to journey this wilderness with me.

    On a personal level, she is really easy to connect with, and even that quality alone, inspires faith in the healing process. I feel privileged to know her, and would recommend Gwen to anyone who is struggling with the challenges that recovery brings.

    ~ Ann K, Scotland UK