A Word to Health Care Providers

Health Care Providers – You Need to Care and Be Aware:


Verifiable research:
This website and my book share verifiable research and scientific data that supports my own personal experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


Informed Consent requires knowledge:
My purpose is to increase the provider’s knowledge base about prescription drug use and their risks—particularly, psychotropic drugs. Patients are entitled to give their “informed consent” for treatment.  Therefore, it is a moral obligation for the health care specialist to provide good information and full disclosure of risks, in order for informed consent to occur.


Rebuilding Health Care:
Our health care system is broken and must by necessity go the way of the dinosaur.  We must build a workable, accountable system that serves rather than preys on our citizens, and that is affordable for all economic classes.  Health care is a basic human right.


Change the game!
Integrity must be restored to medical research and our regulatory bodies must be freed from the financial conflicts of interest with those whom they regulate.  Enough is enough!  Medicine’s love affair with industry has placed everyone at risk with its greed.  It is our responsibility to take a stand for integrity, truth, and just plain COMMON SENSE.  In other words, don’t hate the players…change the game!


The position you hold as a healer is sacred.  People come to you in their most vulnerable states.  They put trust in your knowledge and guidance.  It is imperative that you remain an unbiased, intelligent, critical thinker unafraid to ask the hard questions and to refuse the FREE LUNCH.  Remember, in sales, there is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH!

In truth for health,

Gwen Olsen


“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
Albert Einstein